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Minecraft Server Software With Plugins AND Mods In 2022?

I've been away from minecraft since the 1.7 days but I've always been a huge fan of mods such as buildcraft, industrialcraft, etc and I've always used craftbukkit + forge to have a server with mods and plugins.

Now I've come back to start a server but I am confused with the ammount of different server software avalaible after the death of bukkit/craftbukkit and I see there is:

- Spigot - Bukkit - Forge - Sponge/SpongeForge

I am really confused because it is not clear what is active/forked and what is defunct in all the different server software. all about minecraft servers and plugins What would be the best way to have common plugins such as worledit, etc and industrial mods on a server nowadays? I do not care if I have to use a lower game version such as 1.12.

Same thing goes for which source I should get my MC launcher and client side mods downloaded from.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thank you :)

Anyone? :')

Hi, sorry you never got your questions answered but I'll fix that today. Server side, if you want only plugins you should use PaperMC or if you want only mods you can use Forge server. Both support up to 1.16.5 and will soon support 1.17. However, if you want both plugins and mods, I recommend you use Magma. mcdev's blog It only support stable up to 1.12.2 yet but 1.16.5 development is going strong.

As a MC launcher, I recommend you use MultiMC. Very handy to play different versions of minecraft.

To get your mods, I recommend you use Curseforge. There is all the mods you'll ever need on there.